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Skylanders Spyro's Adventure videos show various characters and provide a flavour of this very popular console game for Wii, Nintendo 3DS, X-Box and Playstation 3.

It shows the innovative Portal of Power which ports the chosen Skylanders characters into the game. The idea being that Skylands is under siege and you are able to bring these heroes back to Skylands through your portal of power to defeat the evil tyrant.

The game takes you though the various levels and options available. Each character has various upgrade and power up options which they obtain during the game. There are trading cards available and the different abilities and skills are given.

There are 32 characters to collect including Spyro, Double Trouble, Wrecking Ball, Voodood, Ignitor, Sunburn, Flameslinger, Eruptor, Whirlwind, Warnado, Sonic Boom, Lightning Rod, Bash, Dino-Rang, Prism Break, Terrafin, Boomer, Drill Sergeant, Drobot, Trigger Happy, Camo, Stump Smash, Zook, Stealth Elf, Slam Bam, Zap, Wham-Shell, Gill Grunt, Hex, Cynder, Chop Chop and Ghost Roaster as well as explorer packs.